trx foundational movements workout

TRX Foundational Movements Workout

In TRX we have 7 foundational movements as in different ways the body moves. This trx workout is designed mainly for a beginner but can also be adjusted for an advanced individual to work harder. The 7 foundational movements are PULL, SQUAT, LUNGE, PUSH, ROTATE, HINGE and PLANK, so here I will demonstrate 1 exercise per movement then all bases are covered.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a bodyweight tool used to put your body into an unstable position and bring out your weaknesses. An exercise can be made easier or harder solely by changing the angle of your body so its entirely up to you how easy or hard you work. No matter the exercise your core will be working due to the instability so more muscles will be working and your posture will improve session by session. No matter your goal whether looking to get stronger, fitter, more flexible and mobile then the TRX is perfect for you.

Keywords To Know:

Anchor Point – Where your trx is attached to the ceiling/door
Strap Length – How long your trx is set for each exercise

trx workout
trx workout
trx workout

TRX Foundational Movements Workout

In the video you will see linked below I will perform roughly 10 repetitions per movement. You can adjust this yourself if you want to work harder so generally say 10 for beginner, 15 for intermediate and 20 more advanced. Use round 1 to really focus on technique then in further rounds try to progress by changing your angle, stability etc. The workout is as follows:

PULL – TRX Low Row
SQUAT – TRX Front Squat
PUSH – TRX Chest Press
ROTATE – TRX Power Pull
HINGE – TRX Hip Press


Strap Length – Short

Stand facing the anchor point

Hold the handles with elbows stacked below shoulders, palms facing each other. Walk feet towards anchor point till there is a squeeze in the upper back. Lower the body fully extending the arms maintaining a plank. Pull the body to towards the anchor returning to the starting point.


Strap Length – Long

Stand facing away from the anchor point.

Straps under the arms, hands by the chest, bodyweight on handles, walk body to 45 degree plank position. Weight on balls of feet, lower hips back to 90 degrees, knees are stationary. Drive through balls of feet, squeeze glutes, extend hips.

To progress the exercise add a small forwards hop at the end of the movement.


Strap Length – Long

Stand facing away from the anchor point

Extend arms in front of shoulders with feet in your appropriate position. Maintaining plank, lower the body bending elbows to 90 degrees and chest between handles. Drive through palms squeezing the chest back to the starting position.


Strap Length – Mid Calf

Stand facing away from the anchor point

Place one foot in the foot cradles, centre with the anchor point, shoulders over hips. Drive suspended knee back, lower the hips until the knee is 2 inches off the ground with the front knee at 90 degrees. Drive through the heel of the grounded leg, squeezing the glutes, lift chest, eyes forwards.


Strap Length – Mid (Single Handle Mode)

Stand facing the anchor point

Working hand besides the chest, free hand reaches up the main strap towards the anchor point, drop shoulders. In a circular motion, rotate free arm towards the ground while extending working arm, keep hips square. Drive working elbow straight back while rotating free arm up towards the anchor point.


Strap Length – Mid Calf

Ground facing the anchor point

Feet under the anchor point with heels in foot cradles, stack knees over hips. Drive heels down, lift hips to form a straight line from knees to shoulders. Squeeze glutes then lower hips back towards the ground keeping knees over hips.


Strap Length – Mid Calf

Ground facing away from the anchor point

Placing toes into foot cradles, on hands and knees engage core. Lift knees so hands are below shoulders and feet suspended in plank position. Lift hips as high as possible keeping legs and upper body straight. Lower hips back to a strong plank position.

I would love to know how you get on and see how you progress this workout over time.

Anthony Mayatt – Owner/Personal Trainer

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