TRX Training in London

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.

You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. TRX Training in London has never been easier with the versatility of it. Come to a group class, train at home or in your local park. The suspension trainer can be used anywhere.

TRX Training in London

TRX Classes in

Come and take a class at the beautiful Lodge Space in London’s Canada Water, the best studio in the capital for TRX training.

Whether you are a complete beginner learning how to use the straps or a TRX pro, the classes only have a maximum of 12 attendees so plenty of space to work in and still get a great energy off each person. There is a beginners class to help teach the basics of TRX and to get you confident using the straps. Functional TRX which uses mixed modalities and regular classes so lots of variety to choose from. TRX Training in London has never been better. Classes are welcome for everyone and cater to the individual of all ages and fitness levels.

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TRX Coaching

Are you looking to train with the TRX and want specialised coaching 1-2-1? Then I can certainly help.

Having been a TRX coach for over 12 years and hold almost all qualifications worldwide you’d be in safe hands. I can cater for you, whether wanting to train in the park, at home or in a private gym location, we can take your TRX training in London to a whole new level.

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TRX Training in London
trx suspension training online

TRX Online

Come and train with the TRX online whether a beginner wanting to improve your skills on the straps or an advanced user wanting a tougher workout. With clients worldwide this is the perfect chance for you to workout at home no matter your location. I don’t just provide TRX Training in London.

Sign up by email and let us know your specific goals

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Anthony holds all TRX Training qualifications through the official company having worked towards them for many years making him one of the most qualified coaches in the UK and the world. The certifications are as follows:

TRX Advanced Group Training Course
TRX Suspension Training Course
TRX Functional Training Course
TRX Group Training Course
TRX RIP Training Course
TRX Sports Medicine Training Course
TRX for Yoga

TRX for Golf (Digital Course)
TRX for the Prenatal Athlete (Digital Course)

2 x International TRX Summits


Official TRX Training Ambassador

Use code TRX15ANTHONY at checkout on the TRX USA and UK websites for 15% off any purchases, products and/or education.

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What our TRX clients say

``Anthony is an exceptional TRX coach with deep knowledge and mastery of the field. His approach is thorough and always safe; he also has a good awareness of how certain exercises should be tailored/adjusted given a client’s specific ability or any injuries that require managing.

I would recommend Anthony as a coach to anyone interested in working with the TRX - with the right trainer, it is an amazing piece of kit.
Anthony has given me the confidence to take mine on holiday and follow the workouts he has carefully put together for me.``

trx training in london
Rachel Hayes Recruitment

Anthony has been a fantastic PT but in particular an amazing TRX trainer. I had never used TRX before but I am now completely obsessed - Anthony’s done a great job of teaching me a very wide range of exercises, and giving me progressively harder routines, whilst always ensuring my technique is right, and that I won’t injure myself! I would 100% recommend him.

TRX Training in London
Katie Wharton Trader

``I have been training with Anthony for over four years now. He is very professional and knowledgeable about TRX and more. He designs a program based on individual needs and keeps you motivated. Highly recommended!``

Personal Training Primrose Hill
Tirza Meijer Equity Quant

``Anthony is one of the most knowledgeable TRX instructors I have trained with. I actually flew from Boston to London to meet him and train with him in-person!! He approaches teaching TRX skills from a very practical manner — he breaks skills down so you learn the basics and can add progressions as you improve. If you are looking for a trainer who can take you from beginner to master, Anthony is the right instructor for you! I can’t wait to return to London to train with him again!!``

Kathie TRX Training in London
Kathie Langdon Director of Pupil Services

``I was specifically looking for a trainer who could teach me how to properly use a TRX. Anthony has extensive training in TRX and helped me learn proper form. Anthony is professional and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend him!``

Nira Goren Senior Clinical Lead at Google Health

``Anthony is simply amazing! I love my personal training doing TRX with him. He is very patient, organised, always on time, his ability to explain and guide you and his knowledge are extraordinary. I am very glad I met him because I have dyspraxia and deficit of attention, and he is very helpful and gentle with me. I absolutely recommend him. Do yourself a favor and train with with Ant!!``

TRX Training in London
Simone Pitchon

``I hadn't tried TRX before attending Anthony's classes, but I felt at ease and energised from the get go! He is super knowledgeable about all things TRX and you can feel his passion through his classes. It's a full body workout and all of the exercises and techniques are explained clearly so you know you're working the right body areas. The classes are super fun, too!

I'd definitely recommend whether you're someone just starting out, or you've been doing TRX for a while and are looking to perfect your craft.``

Antonia Woods