bootcamp in canada water

Rooftop Bootcamp in Canada Water

Canada Water is home to the best rooftop location in London and is proud to be the home of breathe bootcamp. This bootcamp in Canada Water is about creating a great community whilst having fun and working hard at the same time with views across London.

bootcamp in canada water

Being the first official partner of Decathlon Canada Water, we have had exclusive access to this private rooftop since the store opened in 2018 and members just keep coming back for more.

We aim to not just give you a great workout but try to make it fun and really community based. We mix together various sports with traditional functional fitness training. There are games and challenges meaning you’ll never do the same workout twice.

The community element is important to the point that we regularly organise social gatherings from days out to the coast or lunches in London so all members enjoy being around each other.

bootcamp in canada water

``Always looking forward to that day of the week where Breathe Bootcamp takes place! A great way to exercise and release any stress, in a fun environment with great people! I love the sessions that Anthony prepares, they are designed to be fun and different every week, while allowing people of different fitness levels to go at their own pace while pushing a little further each time :)``

Michalis Sflomos Senior Engineering Manager

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