Post Natal Training

Post Natal Training

Post Natal Personal Training

Have you recently had a baby and looking to rebuild your strength from pre-birth? We can help you get back to where you were whether it’s focusing on your pelvic floor, core strength or just general health.

How Long After Pregnancy Is It Safe To Exercise?

As long as you get the go ahead from your doctor then you should be able to resume some form of exercise almost immediately. There are some factors at play which is why it is important to get the go ahead from your doctor first, such as a diastasis, weak pelvic floor etc. We can help you to regain your strength and energy post pregnancy.



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Can I Bring My Baby?

We understand that the early stages of motherhood can be the most challenging with regular feedings, sleeping patterns and needed attention. We are always happy to train you with the baby in close proximity. Who knows, maybe they will see the sessions and their first word will be “burpees” 😉



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Personal Training Primrose Hill
Personal Training Primrose Hill
Personal Training Primrose Hill

What our Primrose Hill clients say

``I first began working out with Anthony in London shortly after having my second child. He trained me at my home and park in Primrose Hill, and he was both extremely sensitive and incredibly knowledgeable to the fact that I was postpartum. I’m now in the best shape of my life thanks to Anthony. Most of my training was one-on-one, but we also trained with my husband too, which Anthony always made incredibly fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony, he is super knowledgeable in all matters fitness and health related, he is positive, beyond reliable (not one cancelled session in over 7 months) kind and hugely motivational.``

Emma Grede Co-Founder Good American

``I fully recommend Anthony from Breathe Fitness for new mothers who want to kick-start their exercise regime after giving birth. Training in the local park enabled me to bring my baby with me and Anthony's professional approach and innovative training program helped me regain my pre-pregnancy physique and weight and improve my fitness in two months. Each session was challenging but highly enjoyable and the variety in the program meant I always looked forward to training. A great find.``

Anne Markey

``I've been training with Anthony for over 18 months now through winter and summer - it's been a great experience and I'm stronger, fitter and healthier for it!

Go for it - he listens to your needs and always designs new ways of working out to get to where you want to be!``

Prof. Christina Pagel Prof Operational Research UCL

``Fabulous and challenging training! Anthony is a fab expert and delightful guy who personalises the exercises to achieve the best outcomes- thank you!``

Dame Kate Bingham Venture Capitalist