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Personal Training Primrose Hill

I have been personal training the Primrose Hill NW1 community for over 13 years working out of the park or client’s homes depending on their preference. The outdoor gym is London’s finest and provides endless opportunities of how to train by using various equipment and being outside instead of a gym environment. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Primrose Hill then I am happy to help cater for you.

Primrose Hill Outdoor Gym Training

The exercise area in the park consists of various bars, rings and benches to perform a mixture of full body workouts. The advantage of working out here with us gives the opportunity to attach other equipment, which you cannot do outside that exercise area that is within the parks. So here we use the TRX, resistance bands and various tools that are relevant for the client. It is our most popular location in London to see client’s working there 6 days a week.



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Primrose Hill Training At Home

If you are looking to train in the comfort of your own home in the NW1 or surrounding areas then we can provide that for you. We bring the needed equipment and only require little space to work in. Sessions are always fun and we design in a way so you can continue to work out at home on days we are not with you.




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How do the sessions work?

Before commencing training I like to meet every client for a consultation where we can meet and discuss your goals in greater detail. I think it is important for the trainer and client to meet beforehand so you feel happy to continue as it is a commitment. Once we have discussed your goals and history it is then easier for me to create the right plan for you moving forwards. 



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Personal Training Primrose Hill
Personal Training Primrose Hill
Personal Training Primrose Hill

What our Primrose Hill clients say

``I first began working out with Anthony in London shortly after having my second child. He trained me at my home and park in Primrose Hill, and he was both extremely sensitive and incredibly knowledgeable to the fact that I was postpartum. I’m now in the best shape of my life thanks to Anthony. Most of my training was one-on-one, but we also trained with my husband too, which Anthony always made incredibly fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony, he is super knowledgeable in all matters fitness and health related, he is positive, beyond reliable (not one cancelled session in over 7 months) kind and hugely motivational.``

Emma Personal Trainer Primrose Hill
Emma Grede Co-Founder Good American

We trained with PT Anthony for a period of about six months, what a great chance it was!! Anthony is the best in what he does, very passionate in the matter of helping people reaching their body goals and full of empathy and discipline. I would love to get the chance to train again with Breathe Fitness. Go for it and that is it!

mel dom personal trainer primrose hill
Melania and Domenico Owners GreenLand Fruit Bar

``I've been training with Anthony for over 18 months now through winter and summer - it's been a great experience and I'm stronger, fitter and healthier for it!

Go for it - he listens to your needs and always designs new ways of working out to get to where you want to be!``

Christina Pagel Personal Trainer Primrose Hill
Prof. Christina Pagel Prof Operational Research UCL

``Fabulous and challenging training! Anthony is a fab expert and delightful guy who personalises the exercises to achieve the best outcomes- thank you!``

Dame Kate Bingham Venture Capitalist

``I’ve worked with Anthony for four years, I would definitely recommend him, he tailors our sessions to what I might need at the time, whether I’m training for something or just maintaining my general fitness. He has also helped me strengthen my leg after a fracture. I love training at the outdoor gym and it’s only heavy rain that may halt a session!``

Clare Personal Trainer Primrose Hill
Clare Walker Psychotherapist

``Anthony, founder of Breathe Fitness, is a phenomenal Personal Trainer. His approach is extremely professional. We started with a list of goals (be surf fit despite living in London), a thorough assessments Anthony has created a personalised plan which has worked miracles for my surf and long standing injury. He is a thoughtful, very knowledgeable and personable trainer/coach. Having had a variety of very good trainers I can attest that he is the best one I have had to date.``

Gideon Personal Trainer Primrose Hill
Gideon Shimson Co-founder and CEO

``I've been training with breathe fitness for years now and it's been absolutely wonderful. Very knowledgeable, competent and caring. highly recommended!``

Carolin Krenzer Personal Trainer Primrose Hill
Carolin Krenzer Co-founder and CEO of Trailmix

``Best decision. I always thought I wanted a trainer who'd shout at me but after just one session with Anthony, I knew that his method was what would make the difference. You end up wanting to do exercises that in the past you would have made excuses not to do. He introduces you to new activities- I love boxing! He makes you feel proud of yourself; he makes you able to admit it too. As I write this, my shoulders and arms are aching-it's a great feeling 🙂

He cares. I have a joint problem that's meant he's had to continually rethink what I can do which means he has to think of session plans just for me. He's also supported and helped me in times of huge emotional need and he does it in such a way you don't recognise what he's doing till afterwards.

He's honest, organised and definitely knows his stuff. Oh, and I love that he lets my dog train too :)``

Sarah Personal Training in Primrose Hill
Sarah Lewis Primary School Teacher