Online Personal Training

Online Training

Online Personal Training

Whether you are looking to do live sessions, pre-recorded or just need someone to create a plan for you to follow then we can cater for you. Since the pandemic online training has been a big part of our business training clients all over the world.

Are All Training Sessions Done Live?

This is entirely up to you. Depending on where you are in the world, doing it live may not work. However we offer live sessions, pre-recorded, workout plans etc whichever suit your needs best. We have clients from Canada to Singapore so used to working on an international timezone especially after the lock downs of 2020. We like to do an online consultation first to discover your needs more anyway and here we can create the right plan for your online personal training.



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Will I Need Any Fitness Equipment?

The short answer is no but in general the more we have to work with the easier the sessions can be. If however you have no exercise equipment then we cater to the client. Sometimes we may require you to purchase some small additional equipment such as resistance bands but will only know that after the consultation when we start to create a plan for you moving forwards.




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Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training

What our Online clients say

``Anthony is a truly gifted Coach! I appreciate the individualized training plan immensely. Training online is not always easy, however with Anthony it is amazingly simple and efficient. As an older adult with a couple of pre-existing medical conditions, I was looking for a coach who was able to help me increase my overall level of fitness. I am so grateful I found Antony; he has an amazing ability to push me, while respecting my physical limitations. I would recommend him as a coach to anyone --without hesitation!!``

Paula Calestagne

We trained with PT Anthony for a period of about six months, what a great chance it was!! Anthony is the best in what he does, very passionate in the matter of helping people reaching their body goals and full of empathy and discipline. I would love to get the chance to train again with Breathe Fitness. Go for it and that is it!

Melania and Domenico Owners GreenLand Fruit Bar

``I've been training with Anthony for over 18 months now through winter and summer - it's been a great experience and I'm stronger, fitter and healthier for it!

Go for it - he listens to your needs and always designs new ways of working out to get to where you want to be!``

Prof. Christina Pagel Prof Operational Research UCL

``Fabulous and challenging training! Anthony is a fab expert and delightful guy who personalises the exercises to achieve the best outcomes- thank you!``

Dame Kate Bingham Venture Capitalist