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Hannah Beecham MBE – An Interview with the founder of Red January UK

RED January is a nationwide movement for mental wellbeing, led by the community, for the community.

Hannah Beecham MBE is the founder of Red January and RED Together calling on businesses to introduce movement breaks and help to enhance the wellbeing of work forces across the UK and beyond.

As someone who is partnered with Decathlon, I have worked alongside Red January for a few years now running movements sessions for the staff at Decathlon HQ in London. I have always worked within mental health so felt that this was something close to my heart and wanted to be apart of.

I was able to get Hannah to spare me a few minutes in her busy day to answer a few more questions about herself and the long term goal of Red January.

bootcamp in canada water
Hannah Beecham MBE
Bootcamp in Canada Water

What is Red January?

Before we get into the questions with Hannah I feel it’s important to provide you with the website for where you can find out more about Red January.

What is RED January and why was the month of January chosen specifically for this?

“Research shows that inactivity increases in the winter, this is linked to reports of lower mood and energy levels. January is also a time of year when many of us are setting new goals, often unrealistic and high pressured goals, with less social occasions to keep us connected.

RED January is a nationwide public health movement that exists to empower people to move every day in January, their way. The focus  is on supporting the RED community to bring regular movement into their lives in a way that works for them and their lifestyle.”


What made you want to start this and how has it grown since its first year?

“I was inspired to start RED January after witnessing the transformative effect that regular movement had on my Mum’s emotional wellbeing and mental health, specifically during the winter months.

Since starting RED January in 2016, I’m proud to be a part of a community that’s growing in support and strength year-on-year. To date, over 270,000 people around the country have kick started their year with RED, collectively raising £3.2 million for mental health and movement projects, helping to achieve real change in UK communities.”


Is there anything you have yet to achieve with RED Jan and hope to in future?

“Year-on-year, a growing number of families and schools participate in RED January. Our ambition in the not-so-distant future is to further tailor and shape the campaign alongside young people, parents and teachers.”


How can people get involved?

“Join the supportive online RED community @REDJanuaryUK on Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter).

This is a space for you to keep up to speed with expert tips, fitness inspiration and connect with REDers from around the country and beyond. You’ll also be the first to hear when RED January 2024 registration goes live.”


What is your exercise/sport of choice to do over the period of a month?

“From enjoying teams sports, to cold water swimming, walks, runs and more, the RED community has helped inspire me to mix up my movement throughout the month. I also love joining REDers in person; enjoying a 90’s dance class was one of my highlights from RED January 2023!”


Interested in getting involved more with Red January? Then reach out to them here to get moving.

Anthony Mayatt – Owner/Personal Trainer

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