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Testimonials continued

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Dean Kirby, Travel Consultant, St.Pancras Station

"I find Anthony's approach to his training methods very interesting and at a good pace that I can handle. Since starting training over 6 months ago I have managed to achieve targets I had deemed impossible before."

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James Sharp, Deputy Head School Teacher

"Anthony has an excellent knowledge of physical exercise which was evident through the thoughtful and progressive design of a long term exercise programme tailored for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony as a personal trainer to any client."

Rebekah Bostan, Energy Analyst

As a busy mum of two Ant was able to fit into my baby's schedule to help me get back to a healthy weight post second baby! Highly recommend.

Victoria Diamond, Trainee Osteopath

Ant is brilliant; firm, friendly and goal focussed. He kick started my attempts to get fit and healthy and after just a few months I was really beginning to feel and see results. He has a very scientific and methodical approach which is reassuring and he gives reason for every bit of torture he puts me through (which, somehow, makes it all better!!). I would recommend him highly to anyone, and he is definitely very good value for money.

Azmina Sodha

I started training with Anthony in the lead-up to my wedding.  I trained with Anthony for a couple of months and went from a size12 to a 10, had defined muscles and reduced my body fat - pretty good hey?... He changed the way I work out and the way that I ate. Through Anthony I learnt that my past cardio junkie lifestyle wasn't the right method to lose fat and neither were my various starvation diets. He put me onto a new programme of lifting weights - which I really didn't want to do - and "clean" eating - no calorie counting, no points, just sensible eating with a few rules. Following Anthony's advice was a real leap of faith for me - and with a definitive amount of time before my wedding - I didn't want to waste any time. I was very reluctant at first but followed it anyhow and the results were great. It took real hard work on my side, but with the assistance of Anthony, my workouts were enjoyable and productive. Each week Anthony would change the workout, up the banter and push me to work harder. The nutrition side was also very important to me and essential to losing the weight. Anthony talked to me about the right foods to eat, what to eat less of and what to do without completely. Anthony is simply lovely - knowledgable, enthusiastic, great banter and became a good friend. How can you not adore the man who makes you thin? I would highly recommend him to anyone who is attempting to lose weight as he supports you all the way and gives you a kick up the butt when you need it.


Maria Peters, Make up and special effects artist/model

"I have been training with Anthony now for the last couple of years and its the best decision I have ever made. In my job I am in front of the camera a lot so it is vital I look my best. Anthony comes to my home and does a variety of exercises to work the whole body keeping my bodyfat low so i'm looking slim. I cannot thank Anthony enough, I would recommend him to anyone and will continue to train with him for as long as possible. Thank you Anthony!

Maria Peters performing a ball pass exercise

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