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Strength Training

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Strength training can be taken in many forms and can be used to your advantage no matter what your goal is in fitness. Firstly there is the most commonly known which is weight training. Weights should be used by everyone no matter what age, gender or weight as knowing the correct weights/repetitions/sets ranges for your goal can help you achieve that body you are after. Obviously for people wanting to bulk up then heavy weights are used but for someone looking to lose weight you should still use the same technique mixed in with your other training.


Muscle uses up more energy than fat so by working your muscles they will in turn burn more calories speeding up the fat loss process. Do not worry though if you havn't used weights before then we at Breathe Fitness can introduce you into them so that you know you are doing it correctly and safely.


One of the most common things we get told is 'I do not want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting weights'. This really wouldn't happen unless your goal was to actually try and get like him so start to lift to reap the benefits.


Strength training means in general to improve strength of your body so you don't need to just use weights to achieve this. Bodyweight moves such as push-ups, using the TRX Suspension Trainer, Plyometrics etc. There are so many ways you can improve strength and at the same time burn calories and lose fat yet help to reach your goal.


If strength training is something you are interested in doing as part of your training with us then make sure to note it in your enquiry so that we know exactly what you want. We tend to always use it with clients anyway but by letting us know at least we will be aware of your interest to do it.


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