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About Ayurveda:


Ayush Veda: Science of Life, the connection between nature and man.


Ayurveda is believed to be the oldest form of medical system dating back over 5000 years.  Over these thousands of years the basic principles of Ayurveda have remained unchanged as it follows the laws of nature which are always constant.  This makes it a very different medical system from the west’s which is continuously changing and developing.


It uses a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment that has been passed down from generation to generation in traditional ayurvedic (Varrier) families within India.  It is a science which evaluates the individual’s constitution and offers specific recommendations including  exercise/yoga, herbal remedies and of course physical therapies to restore and maintain balance in mind, body and soul.  Ayurveda can also boast that it is the only medical system that treats, prevents and diagnoses.



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Director and founder of Rasayana, Jamie Chalmers, has been a therapist for over a decade and in this time has amassed a vast knowledge of alternative therapies.  A 15 month journey through India and Nepal inspired him to explore the world of holistic therapies. In his time there, he experienced many different types of treatments ranging from invigorating head massages on Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach, Tibetan Reflexology whilst trekking through the Himalayan Annapurna mountain range and ayurvedic body massages in the state of Kerala.  On his return to his home city, Edinburgh in Scotland, he felt inspired to enrol on a course in Swedish massage. Finding natural skills in this field encouraged him to continue and graduate in Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

Jamie received one-to-one tuition from Dr Milind Salunke, the institute’s resident ayurvedic doctor and lecturer.  The course consisted of learning and mastering sixteen authentic ayurvedic therapies straight from the Ananda treatment list. Benefiting from constant mentoring from Praveen and Ranjith, two experienced ayurvedic therapists from the state of Kerala, Jamie got a true and honest insight of working as an ayurvedic therapist.  Alongside the therapies, Jamie learned how to be an ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, not least of all through adopting an ayurvedic life style himself, changing his diet, life regimes and incorporating other Indian health systems to his daily routines.  This allowed him to fully experience the benefits of ayurveda which he can now share with his clients.  Using his new in-depth consultation skills, he can now assess his clients more thoroughly and offer advice on diet and lifestyle regimes tailor made to the individual.

During his time at ONE Spa he was shortlisted four times for the title of Body Therapist of the Year at the prestigious British Beauty and Spa Awards, winning twice in 2006 and 2007.  


Jamie Chalmers


Jamie’s Qualifications:


- Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapies and Wellness:  

- Ananda Spa Institute, Hyderabad, India

- Diploma in Swedish Massage:  

- Lothian School of Massage, Edinburgh, Scotland

- Diploma in Reflexology:  

- Lothian School of Massage, Edinburgh, Scotland

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