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Charlie Vale - Personal Trainer

- Physiotherapy BHSc.P.T. 1986, Canada

- Osteopathic Manual Practice D.O.M.P. 1997, Canada

- Postgraduate studies in biodynamic osteopathy, ongoing since 2006 in France and Canada


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Mayfair and Royal Oak (Notting Hill)

For over 28 years, Katrine Cakuls has been helping patients to feel better naturally. Drawing on her Canadian training in cranial osteopathy and physiotherapy, Katrine has developed a unique form of hands-on treatment. This gentle yet effective hands-on manual therapy works to restore movement throughout the areas throughout the body that are blocked due to physical and/or emotional strains.


Release of tension allows the body's muscles, joints, organs and nervous system to work optimally.


The result is comfortable, free movement and good health achieved naturally.


Working internationally Katrine has treated all ages, from newborns to 100 year olds, addressing all levels of fitness and health, from office workers to Olympic athletes. She has had a successful practice in New York for the last 22 years, and has been featured on national television in America. Recently, she has expanded her practice to now be based in London.


Problems treated include:

- muscle and joint aches, pains and strains, including headaches and jaw pain

- organ related problems: constipation, gastric reflux, ear ringing and sinusitis

- women's health issues: vaginal pain, menstrual cramping, pregnancy related pain, infertility

- nervous system complaints: anxiety, insomnia, attention difficulties

- infant and children's health issues: colic, sleeplessness, flat head syndrome, torticollis, scoliosis.


Specialist techniques to decrease unresolved, chronic pain

- Scar Integration

manual treatment to free the mechanical impact of scars such as from Caesarian sections, appendix removal, hernia repair, hip replacements, face lifts

- Dental Integration

manual treatment to help the mechanical impact of dental work such as root canals, braces and implants that often play a role in headaches and neck / shoulder pain

Sharon Herzfeld, M.D.

"It has been one of the greatest privileges as a parent, patient and physician to know, be cared

for and have my patients cared for by Katrine Cakuls."


Dr. RE in New York

"I am a busy family physician and homeopathic physician in New York City, and for the last 15

years, I have referred countless numbers of my patients to Katrine cakuls for cranial osteopathic

manual therapy. The feedback from patients has been incredibly positive."


Susan Shockett, NYC Bodyworks

"Katrine is an exceptionally skilled manual therapist. She is the rare therapist who is sought out

by top professionals working within healthcare."

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Anatomy for Movement Professionals:

a 12 hour course developed and taught by Katrine

-focusing on the latest developments in muskuloskeletal anatomy and related pathologies

-designed for practical application in the work of movement professionals including personal

trainers, Pilates, yoga and Barre teachers

-available for small to large groups



Katrine Cakuls