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- Nutritional Therapist BA (Hons), DipCNM mBANT

- Premier Training - L3 Personal Training

- Group Circuit Training

- Spinning Instructor

- Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Sam, Cleaner

I have been supported by Jenny with exercise & nutritional advice. Over the many sessions I endured circuits using a range of different equipment such as kettlebells, sandbags & TRX as well as incorporating tabata, HIIT & equipment-free exercises!  Not only have I lost weight but I have become fitter, stronger & healthier.  I have since developed a sense of confidence & a 'can do' attitude to try other types of exercise too!


Jenny literally puts the 'personal' in personal trainer!  She is so positive & genuine that she is practically on your fitness journey with you with every step of the way....the highs as well as the lows! She is always professional, motivating & reliable!


Jenny has constantly provided me with recipe ideas, & recommended food to try that I never thought I would like. I had never even heard of buckwheat flakes or quinoa! She will always give advice & suggestions during, after or in between her sessions to help keep me on track & EVEN whilst being on the other side of the world!  If there's ever a question or worry Jenny will help!  Without her support I would have never got to anywhere near where I am now.






Central, SE london and Bromley

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I love to inspire, encourage and help motivate others in order to achieve their goals. I have a huge passion for fitness and sport, and regularly participate in running events and tennis tournaments.


I currently run for the Blackheath Harriers, which has a reputation as being one of the best running clubs in the UK, and I do 5 and 10km cross country races. I also play for the Park Langley tennis club, partaking in the Kent league.


I enjoy educating my clients on nutrition, and helping them to adopt healthy eating patterns, in order to support their current lifestyle. I have been in the PT industry for 4 years now, and my specialties include weight loss, marathon training and short distance running. I am currently training to be a metafit instructor.


The biggest lesson I've learnt in life and love to teach others, is that there are no failures, just experiences and your reactions to them.

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