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You may also wonder whether there are any differences for men and women when wanting to achieve this flat stomach. WEll basically yes and no. No in the fact that you both need to cut your body fat levels in able for the '6 pack' to show through. Both men and women also need to increase their protein intake as the stomach is a muscle just like any other so have to be treated the same. The only difference that may occur is the training program that you partake in. Men may want to build muscle so a mainly weights workout would help where as women may want to stay slim but show there flat abs so a predominantly cardio with some weights will help out more.


Check out other pages that give info on how to get that cover picture stomach or send an enquiry if you are after some help in achieving this using the form on the right.

Now im sure this is a very popular page as everyone would like to have a flat stomach. The problem is that people think by doing hundreds of crunches a day you can achieve it, this is far from the truth. Getting a flat stomach means needing to completely lower the bodies body fat levels by improving your nutrition and daily exercise routines. This does not mean doing stomach exercises each day but working the whole body. There is a term called spot reduction, which means losing fat from one particular section of the body. The short answer is that this can simply not be done. Exercise will always burn fat from across the whole body so to achieve that flat stomach you need to do everything from cardio to back to legs....you see where I'm going with this.


At Breathe we can help you look at your daily diet to help you cut down on your fat levels plus change anything that needs changing i.e. increase your protein levels. We can also design a day by day exercise program to help you in the long term lose that body fat and get that flat stomach you have always wanted.

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