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Ema is a hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner based in London who can work with you from the comfort of your own home. She also offers relaxation workshops in the workplace or home where she assists in creating customised results for any team, such as increased motivation, reduced stress, and improved team morale. Ema has a passion for demystifying the fears people have around hypnosis, and for helping people to access the power of their minds to achieve any goal or result they seek in life. Her speciality is self-empowerment, raising confidence and breaking down unfounded fears.


'I developed my passion for hypnotherapy after trying a few sessions out for the panic attacks I used to suffer with. Like many people I had bought into the negative media portrayal of what the state of hypnosis was, and was pleasantly surprised on discovering that it was in fact quite a relaxing, empowering experience and not a loss of control after all! 4 sessions later I had regained a high level of control over the attacks, and haven’t suffered one since.


I graduated from my hypnotherapy course in 2010, and now help clients to achieve a range of goals such as:


Motivation, controlling and breaking down fears, anxiety and panic, raising confidence, calming nerves before exams or events, de-stressing and much more.


All hypnotherapy sessions are different for everyone, and I customise them accordingly, using various mind tools and techniques to unlock the power of the subconscious. I am an avid investigator of what drives people’s behavioural patterns and habits, and finding the gifts and positive attributes each person possesses. Everyone has the potential and the ability to access what they need just by tapping into it, and it is my mission to help maximise on that potential and to make sure everyone leaves my practice armed with the power to make the changes they seek.'


Fitness Goals

Ema Borges -


- Professional Practitioner Certificate in Hypnotherapy

- EICH Diploma in Hypno-Analysis

- EICH Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy

- Certificate in Fertility2birth Hypnobirthing Programme

- Shoden and Okunden Diplomas in Traditional Japanese Reiki

t:  +44 (0)7840 180 094

e: enquiries@breathefitness.uk.com

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