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Creating Health with Dr Barbara Mariposa : Get well, stay well and love your life.


Would you like to master stress, and prevent its silent, invisible damage to your physical, emotional and mental health? Are you hampered by anxiety, low mood, exhaustion or stress-related illness? (These days, stress is a contributory factor in over 70% of ill health.) Dr.Barbara helps you find Solutions for Stress for Health and Success. Solve the puzzle of stress. Dissolve the damage done by stress. Build resilience and maximise your strengths for true health and success.




Dr Barbara created and runs "Mind and Mood Mastery: Solutions for Stress for  Health and Success" an 8 week course based on the three pillars of Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Find out more here: http://www.drbarbaramariposa.com/mmm


Discover Solutions for Stress that work. Learn how to rewire your brain to reduce cortisol levels, boost immune functioning and get your internal organ systems working in balance and harmony again. Uncover the six dimensions of your personal emotional style and learn how to make the most of this.  


Don't like groups or have a busy schedule? You can now follow the Mind and Mood Mastery curriculum and receive personal supervision on an individual one-to-one basis, with the added benefit of Five Elements Acupuncture treatment. Get in touch with Dr. Barbara to arrange this: barbara@drbarbaramariposa.com







"If your passion does not include yourself, it is incomplete"

- Siddhartha Gautama


" Dr Barbara is available by appointment for one-to-one acupuncture which is included in the special Breathe Fitness offer"

Find out more about Barbara at CREATING HEALTH 

White Crane Clinic

Individual treatment with Dr. Barbara is a synthesis of Mindfulness and Five Elements Acupuncture. Combined with the proven techniques of Positive Psychology, Dr. Barbara's approach brings together centuries old wisdom with the latest scientific research findings. Read more here http://www.drbarbaramariposa.com/individual

Dr. Barbara trained in London and has worked as a medical doctor in England and Sweden in psychiatry and public health. She  trained in Five Element Acupuncture in London and California, and is a Resilience and Mindfulness Coach. She also has extensive experience in personal development education. Dr Mariposa is uniquely placed to bridge the gap between different understandings of health and illness."

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