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By Anthony Mayatt, Nov 9 2017 06:47PM

This time last year I was stuck in an unhappy place mentally and leading an unhealthy lifestyle which was a cycle of the occasional sporadic health kick followed by weeks of binge eating. My main form of exercise was dancing on nights out (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) along with the occasional run. I had no energy, my moods were often erratic and I had no confidence. I have always been a yoyo dieter and someone who dips in and out of exercise regimes but never realised how much it was affecting my quality of life.

By Anthony Mayatt, Aug 7 2017 03:07PM

The use of toxic pesticides to manage pest problems has become a common practise around the world. Pesticides are used almost everywhere, not only on agricultural fields, but also in homes, schools, parks, buildings, forest, roads…. Today it’s difficult to find somewhere were pesticides are not used. From the bug spray under the kitchen sink to crop dusting acres of farmland, our world is filled with pesticides. In addition, pesticides can be found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, our soil and the water we drink.

By Anthony Mayatt, May 10 2017 02:40PM

So this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and my thoughts have been turning to those of us, probably all of us, who have found ourselves trying to support somebody we care about deeply who isn’t in the greatest of places.

By Anthony Mayatt, May 24 2016 11:53AM

Check out this great core workout consisting of 7 exercises that work across the abdomen.

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The core consists of the abdomen, obliques and lower back and this workout hits all areas. The exercises consist of the following:

By Anthony Mayatt, Feb 11 2016 02:23PM

The hamstring curl using the stability ball is one of the best exercises to work the back of your legs and this video shows you how to do it correctly.

It doesn't matter what sized ball you use however the larger the ball with the shorter the person will make the exercise a bit more difficult to do. Here are the steps to performing the exercise:


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