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By Anthony Mayatt, Aug 7 2017 03:07PM

The use of toxic pesticides to manage pest problems has become a common practise around the world. Pesticides are used almost everywhere, not only on agricultural fields, but also in homes, schools, parks, buildings, forest, roads…. Today it’s difficult to find somewhere were pesticides are not used. From the bug spray under the kitchen sink to crop dusting acres of farmland, our world is filled with pesticides. In addition, pesticides can be found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, our soil and the water we drink.

By Anthony Mayatt, Jul 11 2017 09:27PM

Want an intense workout but don't have much time to train? HIIT workouts are great for that and this tabata only lasts 4 minutes. All you need is a skipping rope as this is a mixture of that plus lower body exercises. The exercises last for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest inbetween so you do 8 rounds in total.

By Anthony Mayatt, May 10 2017 02:40PM

So this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and my thoughts have been turning to those of us, probably all of us, who have found ourselves trying to support somebody we care about deeply who isn’t in the greatest of places.

By Anthony Mayatt, Apr 25 2017 12:01PM

There’s quite a bit of publicity around depression currently, with Prince Harry “coming out” as having sought counselling. But what exactly is depression?

Medically speaking, the criteria for what constitutes depression are in the DSM-V, where somebody is meant to have had at least five out of nine specific symptoms, nearly every day for a minimum of two weeks. The symptoms are quite varied, with some very clear cut, such as wanting to kill oneself or more than 5% weight change, whilst others are more subjective such as change in concentration, being irritable or decreased interest in most activities. That’s the sort of thing a GP or psychiatrist is assessing against as to whether somebody has depression, and whether to prescribe medication.

By Anthony Mayatt, Mar 7 2017 09:28PM

With the New Year in full swing, it’s definitely time to put those resolutions into action. There’s just something about 2017 that seems promising. I am a big believer that those who dream big break free from limitations and I’m sure that if you’ve ever set your mind to something and had a really strong vision for it, eventually it manifested itself to you. This year, make it all about you and your dreams. If you haven’t done so yet, get a paper and a pen and write down the next 5 practices, which if you really make time for, will make a big difference in your life for the year ahead and further on.


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