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Training With A Workout Partner

By Anthony Mayatt, Dec 29 2017 08:28PM

As a personal trainer one of and if not the quietest week of the year is that week between Christmas and New Year. So what do you do in that time? Admin, prepping for the new year madness and general enjoying being lazy for a short time.

A good friend of mine (Sandy) recently joined the same gym as me so we decided in that week we would forget our training programs, go to the gym everyday and do some fun, different workouts as we knew we would have the whole gym to ourselves. The sessions we did together were so fun that it has probably been my most enjoyable weeks training EVER!

I have been a member of my gym since it opened about 7 years ago and will never join anywhere else, it in my opinion is London's best facility. I have always trained by myself, stuck to my plans and do what I need to there. I train hard and heavy so I like to train alone so I can fully focus on my plan. This week however was so fun I now realise why people love having a training partner and I plan to do more sessions with Sandy in future.

We each took it in turns to plan a workout and focussed mainly on HIIT over the week. Here is one of the workouts that we did that absolutely destroyed us.

20 Lunges/Squats/Push-Ups


Speed Skipping x 3

100kg Leg Press


20kg Kettlebell Swings x 3

30kg Push Press


20kg Bulgarian Split Squats x 3

Plank Tabata

20 seconds on

10 seconds off

x 10

Now I know that I would never have completed that workout without having a training partner there to motivate each other and that's exactly why it is great to have one. It is even better if you have the same goals as you can support each other across your journey but even if not then having that added motivation can make all the difference.

So even though this post was mainly about my training week, it is here to send out a message to find someone you can train with, especially on cold, dark mornings and nights when exercise is the last thing on your mind.

Thanks Sandy, it's been a great week and looking forward to our next session (Plus 3 peaks in 2018)


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