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Bootcamp Canada Water

By Anthony Mayatt, Jan 2 2019 07:38PM

Canada Water is home to the largest Decathlon store in Europe and Breathe Fitness are proud to be running a bootcamp from the multi-purpose sports arena on the rooftop there every Tuesday evening. The aim of this bootcamp is to bring people together of all fitness levels and ages.

This is not a military style, shouting at you to do 5 more reps type bootcamp. This is filled with fun games meaning you can work at your own pace and have fun while getting fit. I like everyone to feel part of a nice community when you come so it's a friendly group of like minded people and has become very popular in the 6 months it has been running so far. If it is raining heavy then the store allow us to train inside and use all the equipment there. Also provided are full changing and shower facilities for all bootcamp members.

If you are interested in attending drop me an email and get ready for some fun fitness in 2019 at London's best bootcamp location.

Anthony's bootcamp is a fantastic weekly fitness session in an excellent location. The sessions are fun with a different mixture of activities each week that keep them interesting and challenging. I've definitely noticed the benefits from doing them. Ant's a great personal trainer who works hard to ensure all improve. Everyone is made to feel welcome, whatever ability they are starting from. I'd encourage everyone with even the slightest interest to give it a go.

Brett B-Smith

I look forward to welcoming you to breathe bootcamp.

Anthony Mayatt

Owner/Personal Trainer

Breathe Fitness

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